Gardens of San Lorenzo Makes It On Air

UC Berkeley Students Develop Drought-Resistant Landscape Guide
KGO 810 News
By Cathy Whitman
08 June 2015

The students in the  Landscape Architecture course 245:5 in the Fall of 2014, taught by Dawn Kooyumjian, were featured on the air on the Bay Area's KGO 810 News.  The group of Landscape Architecture students created a booklet with information on how to create drought-friendly landscaping.

The San Lorenzo Homeowners Association requested the information along with the nonprofit Stop Waste. The students created a 130-page booklet with tips on how to plant drought-resistant shrubs.

Kooyumjian said that possible options include, "a flower garden with a small lawn, a lush desert that has really interesting colors and textures and also one featuring California native plants."

The students predict that by installing a low water garden, you can save as much as 51,000 gallons of water a year.