Distinguished Alumni Dinner Held at Blake House

The Department of Landscape Architecture and Enviornmental Planning held a dinner in honor of Daniel Iacofano who received a Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of Environmental Design on Saturday, March 7, 2015. The event was attended by LAEP faculty, staff and guests. 


Daniel Iacofano, a founding principal of MIG, Inc., has over 32 years of experience in regional and land use planning, facilitation, partnering and organizational development. Since 1982, MIG has focused on planning, designing and sustaining environments that support human development and has assisted public agencies throughout the nation in projects that enhance community livability, support revitalization and connect people with places.



Mr. Iacofano has combined his strategic and organizational planning expertise with interactive facilitation techniques to assist countless agencies, organizations, and companies in working together to articulate goals, strategies, and actions for the future. His projects have addressed issues ranging from regional growth and economic development to public transit and traffic to housing and environmental impacts.

Mr. Iacofano has previously been involved in transportation projects for local, regional and statewide agencies, including MTC, BART, Caltrans, ACTA, CCTA, Muni, and others.

From the Napa and Silicon Valleys to Downtown Los Angeles, Mr. Iacofano has also worked with communities, business leaders, cities and agencies to create land use plans that can be successfully implemented.  In Los Angeles, Mr. Iacofano worked with the Downtown Business Association to ensure the implementation of plans to further develop and connect the Staples Center complex to Downtown. In Phoenix, Mr. Iacofano has been instrumental in helping the City prioritize projects, allowing Phoenix to recreate its Downtown as an innovative center of cultural activity.

Mr. Iacofano has personally led and designed over 150 successful public involvement programs to support land use and transportation initiatives that have helped to create new partnerships among key stakeholders, agencies, cities and communities that are maintained after the project is completed. Mr. Iacofano’s work has gone on to been recognized by the National League of Cities, the International Downtown Association, the American Planning Association and the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Mr. Iacofano has been a visiting lecturer at University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University and the University of California at Davis, teaching courses in urban planning, urban and environmental conflict management, group process management and advanced communications and has authored several ground-breaking publications, including Public Involvement as an Organizational Development Process (1990), Meeting of the Minds (2001), and The Inclusive City: Design Solutions for Buildings, Neighborhoods and Urban Spaces (2007), and most recently, What is your Construction Management EQ (2014). 

Mr. Iacofano received a PhD in Environmental Planning from the University of California at Berkeley; an M.S. in Environmental Psychology from the University of Surrey, England; and a Bachelor of Urban Planning degree with Honors from the University of Cincinnati.