Wild Composting

Posted on by Surprise Highway

Students from the Albany High School's  EDSET program (Education in Design, Science, And Environmental Technologies) are back this semester and are regrading a slope with materials from the garden. They are using an ancient process called hugelkulur which is new to us and was developed in Austria. By burying clean lumber scraps, prunings, aged firewood, soil and sawdust we are accomplishing two objectives: building the soil with organic materials and preventing waste from entering the waste stream. You can top this pile with 6" to 12" of withs material such as leaves, grass-clippings, a layer of  finished compost, and 1" of soil and then plant into the pile.  The hugelkultur description also includes alfalfa pellets as a source of nitrogen, but since our pile's prime function is for regrading and not for vegetable plantings we are not including the pellets.