SODblitz at Blake

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Again this year Blake Garden participated in the Bay Area SODblitz (Sudden Oak Death blitz) survey. Since the SOD oomycete pathogen Phytophthora ramorum spreads most often on infected California bay laurel leaves we collected leaves from 5 different bay trees in the garden. 4-5 leaves from each tree were placed in envelopes with GPS locations for the trees. The envelopes were dropped off at Mulford Hall on the UCB campus where they will be tested for the pathogen at the Forest Pathology and Mycology Laboratory. Results will be known next fall. Last year (2011) the same 5 bay trees were also tested. Thankfully the results turned up negative for the SOD pathogen. We are hopeful that the results will be the same for 2012, but we are very mindful that other locations around the Bay Area have not fared as well as Blake Garden. For more information on SOD and the SODblitz visit: