Rainfall at Blake Garden

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Blake Garden has been keeping rainfall records since 1965. In the short video posted below garden manager Lauri Twitchell measures and records rainfall using the simple rain gauge installed at the garden. [media id=2 width=320 height=240] California is currently in a state of drought. Although the rainfall recorded at Blake Garden recent years hovers near the Bay Area Yearly average of 26 inches, it is important to note that other regions in California (such as the Sierras) are falling far short of the necessary averages. Another point to keep in mind is that from 1965-2009 the Bay Area population has doubled from 3.6 million to 7.3 million. This population growth has been accompanied by tremendous residential and industrial development that has added further demands on water usage and consumption. At Blake Garden efforts are being made to conserve water and reduce consumption. These efforts include: rainwater collection, greywater reuse, mulching and composting, cistern collection from on-site seeps and creeks, native drought-tolerant plantings, lawn reduction and irrigation redesign. BLAKE RAINFALL CHARTS & PDS INDEX LINKS: Blake Garden Rainfall Chart 1965-2009 pdf file Bay Area Population Census Long Term Palmer Drought Severity Index for July 2009