ES 125 Projects at Blake Garden

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This year  28 students from UC Environments of the San Francisco Bay Area (ES 125)class  taught by Prof. Bill Berry came to the garden for restoration efforts of several areas. Along with graduate and undergraduate workstudy students from UC Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department, Blake Garden Staff and Garden volunteers,  we were also joined by a Cal alumni, Rusty Lamer (LAEP '08) to work on the projects. WETLAND GROUP: This area had been overtaken by Pampas grass among other invasive species that was choking out a small wetland that is perfect for frog (Pacific Chorus frog) and bird habitat.  The group helped eradicate the invasive species, re-establish the shallow pool and plant native wetland species of plants around the pool. The frogs are happy, singing and proliferating already! [nggallery id=77] CREEK PATH GROUP: Himalayan blackberries and Algerian ivy had take over this area and made it impenetrable. The invasive species were choking out the trees and remaining native species of plants along the creek. Before the students arrived the process was already underway uncovering this portion of the creek. This is a tributary of Cerrito creek and it runs through the length of the garden . We had put in a path and now are working on opening up by eradicating invasive species in the area adjacent to the creek for views of the creek to the south and views of the northwestern parts of the garden.  On old maps of the garden there is a rock out cropping noted somewhere buried under all the invasive species. We are working to uncover this out cropping. [nggallery id=75] CREEK RESTORATION GROUP: Invasive species such as Himalayan blackberries and Algerian ivy have covered this area and threatened the health of the redwoods planted here. By eradicating the invasives we expose the creek to access the conditions of the channel, the restoration efforts done in the 70's and to design for further improvements.  Students from UC Hydrology for Planners class are now able to survey and  make recommendations for a redesign of the creek bed and banks. We will replant the area with native riparian species of plants.