Creek Trash

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Since last fall we have been collecting trash from the creek channel after big rainfalls. The south creek is a tributary of Cerrito creek and is highly impacted by urban runoff. Trash from the streets flows into the garden, washes to the bay and then out to sea adding to growing island of trash that is accumulating in the gyre of the Pacific ocean. We would like to help stop trash from flowing into the bay. By doing this study  we can increase awareness and in the future design a system to collect this trash before it washes through to the Bay. Thank you to the many people that have participated: Kensington Hilltop Elementary school, U.C. ES 125 Environmental Science undergraduate students, Weed Warriors from Friends of Five Creeks, Franklin Elementary School Students, La Cheim School for Boys, and our staff and volunteers.
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="369" caption="Click on image to download CREEK TRASH POSTER PDF (2.6mb)"]Creek Trash Poster[/caption]