Compost Tea

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The Albany High School interns have been learning how to make compost out of debris from  the garden. Not only do we use the compost as a soil amendment and component of potting soil, we have started making compost tea, a nutrient rich liquid fertilizer. It is made from compost & rainwater collected from the headhouse roof after the last storm. Our mixture is 5 gallons of rainwater to 5 cups of compost. A tablespoon of organic molasses was also added as a sugar to promote good bacteria growth. A aerator sits at the bottom of the bucket to add oxygen for the mixture. The tea is "brewed" for a couple of days keeping the bubbler running as to prevent anaerobic bacteria to grow. The anaerobic bacteria is the cause of the "stinky smell" in compost. As long as there is oxygen added by continually turning the compost pile, or by using an aerator when making compost tea, there should be no foul smells.