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Congratulations to Adeline Belsby, designer of the new Blake Garden tee shirt!

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The design for the new Blake Garden tee shirt was created by landscape architecture student Adeline Belsby. Her design captures both the diversity of the garden's plantings and its historic setting.

Adeline Belsby in an undergraduate in the UC Berkeley Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning department. 

My interest in Landscape Architecture originates from spending summers working on my grandparents’ farm and understanding how a landscape could be productive yet also beautiful and diverse. The rest of the year I live in cities and I wanted to find ways to incorporate the productive, healing power of plants in urban, people-dominated landscapes. The process of accommodating change is captivating to me since landscape architecture is never static and we need to be able to conceptually grasp that people, plants, and spaces grow and die. This field also allows me to explain my ideas visually, using my art in a beneficial way for all to understand and be drawn to.