Monthly Archives: 01/2016

Nest Boxes Installed

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This summer the garden provided a study site for designing and building birdhouses and hosted students from the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design summer program, Embarc,. While collaborating with a local chapter of the Audubon Society the students educated themselves about birds of this area and what kind of  boxes they would choose to nest in. The garden received three of the nest boxes and we installed them recently in several places in the garden.

Mountains of Mulch

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Recently we got several loads of mulch from an  arborist working in the neighborhood. Mulch is made of trees or branches chipped into small pieces and spread over paths or flower beds. There are many benefits of doing this. Mulch holds moisture in the soil preventing evaporation and mulch prevents weeds from sprouting. It also breaks down over time turing into organic matter that provides other benefits to the soil. This mulch is from pine trees and smells really good!