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Bucksawing Black Acacia

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Recently  we have been pruning trees and taking down the dead trees. A leaning Black acacia was taken down near the creek. We are processing the downed log  to make lumber for tables and will be giving some to local artisans to make bowls. A volunteer and a workstudy student decided to try using an old method, and used a bucksaw to cut the log in half. 

Kids For The Bay at Blake Garden

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Kids for the Bay, a summer camp for area kids came to the garden for a tour and then worked in the Create with Nature Zone  with artist Zach Pine. Later a  San Rafael wildlife group came and gave a talk and demonstration with live birds & snakes and along with other educational materials.

[In]land projects at Blake

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Each summer the [In]land summer program from U.C. Berkeley's College of Environmental Design comes to the garden for their first assignement entitled "Revealing the Landscape". Students tour the garden looking for a site that impresses them in some way and respond with a temporary installation/intervention. These are the entries for this year.