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16 Essential Soil Nutrients

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Plants make their own food (sugars) through photosynthesis but they also need nutrients to grow. These nutrients/minerals  come mostly from the soil. There are 16 of them. The chart lists the nutrients and highlights them on the periodic table of elements. There is a the good way to remember them. Use the mnemonic, a memory aid located at the bottom of  the chart.

Download Chart Here>>

ADA Path project continues

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After getting over 6 inches of rain we decided to plant. Native plants were purchased.  The group of ASLA students and LA 122 students from the plant identification class at UC Berkeley's Landscape Architecture Dept. set them out according to our planting design.  A small group of students and volunteers worked on terracing an eroding hillside with cardboard to block the weeds, jute netting to hold the cardboard down and support mulch from slipping down the hill and then redwood branches from a recently downed redwood were staked in to hold the bank. We'll plant red twig dogwood, a appropriate riparian shrub, through holes cut through  the mulch, netting, and cardboard. As the materials rots the dogwood will be dropping their roots into the soil and hold the creek bank from eroding.