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Leaf Academy visits Blake

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Approximately 20 area students from the Leaf Academy came to the garden to help us mulch around the creek where we have been working on eradicating invasive ivy and black berries. The mulch is from a Monterey pine tree that  fell recently in the parking lot. We had the small branches chipped up and piled. The mulch will help to prevent weeds from growing, increase the organic matter in the soil and hold in water from evaporating from the bare soil. The students also worked on sculptures with Zach Pine in the Create-With-Nature-Zone.

[In]land 2013

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[In]Land, a summer program in the U.C. Department of Landscape Architecture  and Environmental Planning has started for the summer. Their first project is "Revealing the Landscape" at Blake Garden. Students in teams of 2 or 3 tour the garden and then respond to a site with a temporary installation or intervention. Most of he projects will remain up until Fri. July 26.