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Blake Garden Rainfall Records updated for 2012

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We have been collecting rainfall data since 1965 here in the garden. Rain year begins July 1st  and ends June 30th.  We are looking forward to this years rain. Download xlsx file: Blake Garden Rainfall Data 1965-2012 xls file

Revealing the Landscape 2012

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The Unseen Landscape: an installation project is done by undergraduates in the Landscape Architecture Design 101 class taught by Daphne Edwards. The students were to choose a site in the garden and design an intervention/installation to highlight a landscape feature or quality. The project is up in the garden until Friday , October 12. boards and models will be in the greenhouse to view after  Wednesday, Oct. 10th.

New Botanicals

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Local photographer, Liz Bordow has shared her photos of flowers from Blake  garden: Lunaria, Allium, Anemone and Francoa.