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Bouquets to Art

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The San Francisco Garden Club asked Garden manager, Lauri Twitchell and another former Master of Landscape Architecture Grad, Holly Selvig to represent them in the annual Bouquets to Art Event at the de Young museum. We chose five pieces within the museums collection to respond to in flowers. We got "Rubbing from the Ball Court", an image from a granite wall from Chichen Itza depicting a soccer like game where the loser loses his head at the end of the match. Green, Purple & Red foliage was collected from the garden. It is early in the season so the red lilies, red roses and red rununculus were purchased. The vase was carved granite. Gallery statement: Our floral piece is inspired by the materiality of the event represented in the "Rubbing from the Ball Court". The stylized nature of the stone carving tempers the extreme drama of the event: the beheading of the loser of the ball game. We tried to capture that drama in color, form, and material, and at the same time, also honor the brutal cultural tradition.

A truck full of flowers for the Circus

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The Berkeley Circus & Soiree consisted of a day of  CED students showcasing their work to professionals in the field followed by a gala celebration at the de Young Museum. The garden was asked to create some flower arrangements. We gathered vases from second hand stores and originally thought that what we mostly would be using was an interesting variety of greens and a few flowers blooming from the garden. (Maybe we would even have to go out and buy some!!) But to our surprise and delight we collected many beautiful flowers from the garden and ended up making some very exuberant floral arrangements for the gala held at the museum in San Francisco.