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Slide measuring device installation

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Julian Waeber, Phd candidate in Geological Engineering at U.C. Berkeley has installed a device to track the landslide in the garden, part of the larger Blakemont slide. The  solar powered device will communicate with a satellite daily to track the amount of movement of the landslide. Also installed will be a USGS seismograph to monitor the Hayward fault that runs through the upper part of the  garden.

Temporary concrete rubble wall

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The demolishing of the deteriorating parking structure, left us with lots of concrete material for use on future projects such as the creek restoration project. We are in the process of designing the creek project project and needed to store the bulky material. This was a creative solution to store the concrete chunks and make it ready for the  project.

Transplanting Bamboo behind Headhouse

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We have been fighting back the blackberries, poison oak , Algerian ivy along with other invasive species in back of the headhouse. Now that we have a control of the area we have decided to transplant some black bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra, from below in the Australian hollow to enhance the view from the windows of the head house. We have been watering that area with gray water from the kitchen area sink and are considering rerouting the drain water directly into the planting bed.

Formal Garden renovation in progress

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One of the formal gardens, the square pool garden, is getting renovated with new low-water irrigation netafim drip system,  and replanted with  some new plants that are more drought tolerant. This is a part of our ongoing effort for the whole garden to be more water wise and reduce the amount of water use in the garden.