Local Artist, Kirk Frye, sculptures at Blake

Posted on by meghanray@berkeley.edu

Local Kensington artist, Kirk Frye, makes wooden sculpture inspired by natural forces like the mycorrhizal networks he has studied while foraging local mushrooms. In addition, a deep study of Tai Chi and Taoist Yoga and the history of boat building and nautical exploration have influenced his work. 

The sculptures are made by placing different woods in a steam box then hand bending and twisting the wood while hot. Then he shapes the bent wood, allowing the grain to guide him in cutting and sanding. Once the pieces are shaped, Kirk combines the segments into their final form. The intent is to express the torsional energy of the wood into a sculptural representation of things he sees in the natural world.

Sculptures are available for purchase, contact: Kirk Frye -  archeofrye@yahoo.com