Welcome to the University of California Blake Garden

From the Garden

Each summer the (In)land program from the College of Environmental Design Summer Programs come to the garden for their first assignement entitled Revealing the Landscape. Students tour the garden and look for a site that impresses them in some way and respond with a temporary installation/intervention. See photos from this year's event>>

Structures, built out of donated timber bamboo from the garden and recycled fabric, stand in the plaza at the College of Environmental Design. The structures hold coast live oak trees waiting to be planted by College of Environmental Design students taught by Professors Walter Hood and Ron Rael in locations around Oakland. See photos>>

On St. Patrick's Day one of our bee hives swarmed and exited the hives around mid-day. At first they gathered in an acacia tree overhanging the hives. After staying there for a while, they moved again flying over the greenhouse and out of Blake Garden. Later in the day they were seen again by a neighbor below the garden. We called our beekeeper Chris Bauer, and he came early on the 18th to inspect the hive that the bees left. Read more>>

Work by volunteers and interns continues on two projects in the garden. Soil/road base from the rain garden/french drain project has been dug out and replaced with rocks collected in the garden to capture and slow rain water to flow through into the garden beds on the slope above the lawn.  Meanwhile the displaced road base is sent to the new redwood steps project in the Redwood grove to back fill the new hand hewn redwood stair risers. Read more>>